Bex from Botanical Tales

About me

I’ve always felt a strong connection to the natural world but for many years sat inside offices for five days a week working on things that didn’t fill my heart with joy and sapped my energy. i watched years and seasons pass before from behind wall to ceiling glass. I did this because i was looking for validation of some sorts and had lost sight of what truly makes me happy.

In late 2018 I left my corporate job of twelve years to focus more of my energy on Botanical Tales and my family. With two small boys growing up at the speed of light, I was finding it too hard to be away from them for what felt like days on end. I needed to reconnect with them and with those things that fill my soul with joy.

What I do

I’m part freelance marketeer part floral artist. Unable to leave behind years of experience and knowledge, a continue to support a few clients with their marketing.

I also run workshops (both in person and online), grow and sell dried flowers as well as my products online and write words and words on dried flowers and their all glory!

I style events and shop windows as well as dinner parties and larger social occasions. I approach all that I do with longevity and sustainability in mind, creating products that will last for years and displays that will carry you through the seasons.

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