A Natural Christmas Wreath DIY Kit

A Natural Christmas Wreath DIY Kit


My natural Christmas wreath kits contain most of what you need to create your own wreath this festive season.

Wreath making is in some ways my form of mediation and feedback from my workshops is that people feel the same, so I wanted to create a kit that allows you to experience the magic that is wreath making at home.

 Contents of the kit:

  • A handwoven hop vine base

  • A large bunch of foliage selected to ensure it will dry naturally

  • A selection of grasses or seed heads to add colour and texture to your wreath

  • A selection of berries to add festive colour to your wreath

  • Fir cones or feathers to really up your wreaths Christmas game

  • A statement flower or other material to be the star of your wreath

  • Copper wire to wrap 

  • A velvet ribbon to hang the wreath or use as decoration

  • Raffia to tie off the ends

  • a printed step by step guide to follow

You may want to forage for a few addition elements and I just published a blog post here to help you select materials for that. All the elements within the wreath will dry over time or will be supplied to you dried, this means that should you wish to, your wreath could be bought inside once Christmas is over. To dispose of the wreath, unwind the wire and compost the remains!

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The DIY wreath kits will be sent out from beginning of December