I’m Bex Partridge, of Botanical Tales, a floral artist following the ebb and flow of the seasons, whilst embarking on a slow and steady creative journey.

Bex from Botanical Tales

I live in Farnham with my beautiful chaotic brood comprising of Ed aka Mr Botanical Tales, my two wildling sons Henry and Arlo and mother and daughter shit-zu/maltese dogs Tina and Panda. 

The Botanical Tales Family

Botanical Tales began as my creative outlet when I was on maternity leave from the day job with baby Arlo. My love of all things floral and seasonal is not a new thing though, for as long as I can remember I have enjoyed gardening and crafting. I have vivid memories of my 96 year old grandmas traditional English garden in the heart of Norfolk. Visions of her pottering about in the flowers beds and tending to her seedlings in her greenhouse of dreams, a hexagonal wooden and glass structure that I still dream of now. And many a Saturday as a child were spent visiting garden centres with my mum before heading home to plant and nurture our purchases.

I am lucky to have a small but perfectly sized town garden with an allotment a five minute cycle away. This is where I grow all my flowers and vegetables which I then either preserve for future use or make things for others to enjoy. 

Enjoying a cup of tea, my favourite time

I have created this space here to enable me to share what I have learnt with you, whether that be a tutorial, the tasty botanical biscuit recipe or the opportunity to attend a workshop with me, because the thing I love the most about Botanical Tales is the sharing of my love of botanics and the seasons. If I can help just a few more people to find a way to bring a little piece of nature in to their home or to encourage them to explore their creativity I will be a happy bee. I aim to be accessible and to share ways of being creative that are achievable, I firmly believe that you don’t need mountains of money to be creative. Nature is there on our doorstep for us all to enjoy and benefit from and I will do my best to help you see how.

I would love to hear from you if you want to find out more about working with me, commissioning a piece of my art or simply to share something from you heart, then reach out to me on bex@botanicaltales.com. I would love to hear from you.


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