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Everlasting Wreath Workshop

The one that started Botanical Tales! I thought it was about time that I offered a workshop on how to make the dried flower wreaths that have become my brands signature product and so I am pleased to finally be doing so.

We will gather around my table where I will show you all the techniques I have finessed over the past few years of wreath making. Working with a natural vine base, you will have a choice of many different foliages and dried flowers, some of which I will have foraged, grown and dried myself.

I will serve tea, coffee and home made cake and you can expect to enjoy a peaceful few hours, to yourself amongst fellow creatives. Wreath making is a meditative process and therefore the vibe will be calm and relaxed.

You will leave the session with a finished asymmetrical wreath (roughly 25-30 cm) and the knowledge to be able to go away and create your own in the future. These wreaths make the most wonderful addition to a home as well a thoughtful gift for a loved on on a special day - Mothers Day is just round the corner! When hung on a wall they can add depth and texture to an otherwise blank space and most importantly they allow you to bring nature in to the home.

These wreaths will last you many months and even years if the proper care is taken. Either hang or store them in a dry place out of direct sunlight and you will get many months of enjoyment out of them. As is the nature of dried flowers you can expect some fading over time, but this is entirely natural and a thing of beauty.

Everlasting Wreath Workshop
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