A Guide to Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are becoming more and more popular and you can now even buy them in Sainsbury’s as well as specialist online stores. They are also super easy to grow and make beautiful bedding plants which benefit from deadheading meaning you encourage more growth from the plants the more flowers you pick. Here is my guide to edible flowers.

Life Behind the Squares: Ceramic Magpie

June you absolute beauty! I am so excited for this month, for the change that will come at the end of it and for the abundance of flowers and foliage that will fill our hedgerows, gardens and roadside verges. Normally I am at my most creative during these comings month but with house renovations and changes a foot in my day job (blog post on these two things to follow), I know I'm going to struggle this year. That’s why I absolutely love Katie’s new hashtag CreateinSpring

Top tips for living a more conscious life

Ed and I have always been proud of the way we live our lives, considering the impact of our choices and decisions on the planet. I guess in some ways we were early adopters of many things that are actually common place now, we had an allotment by our mid twenties, we live minimally in the sense that we don’t have a lot of material things and we tried to minimise our use of electricity etc etc. But recently I woke up to the fact that we could be doing so much more, perhaps it was the Blue Planet furore which has had us all shocked or as I became more involved in sustainability at work, either way I knew I wanted to try to make more changes this year.


A Mid Winter Treat for the Birds

So I guess it is about time that I said hello and introduce myself properly. I know Bex occasionally mentions me (as the third man in her life), but I wanted to tell you a little bit about me and also share with you this fun DIY winter bird feeding tutorial as inspiration

Decorating with Nature this Christmas

Styling my house  and table for Christmas is something I have always loved doing, ever since I was a little girl and I used to help my mother prepare her house. I still have some of the decorations she used such as silver clip candle holders that belonged to her mum. Back then there was a lot of oasis used to make big show stopping centre pieces and hanging decorations and whilst I still use many of the same things to decorate my house as my mother did, I have evolved my own style.

An Alternative DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial

The thing I love the most about Christmas is the abundance of wreaths and the acceptance by nearly all sane people to have them in the house and on the front door. There are a couple of styles of wreaths that I enjoy making the most, the wild and wayward variety that I teach at my workshops as well as the more contemporary festive wreaths like the one I’ll be teaching you here, which are made using a metal hoop as the base.

A Conscious Advent Calendar

There are so many things I love about Christmas: seeing friends and family, watching my boys excitement grow as the big day creeps closer, foraging for and then decorating the Christmas tree and of course eating all the mince pies.

It's OK to feel SAD

I was really interested to read the response to my recent post where I confessed to feeling down and how I was struggling with the cross over between Autumn and Winter. It seems many of you are feeling the same, so I thought I would share with you some of my tips on how to beat the Winter Blues.

Life Behind the Squares: Lulu from Acupfullofdreams

I’ve decided to run a series of interviews with people I admire on Instagram. I will be inviting them to share a little about their motivations, the reality behind their images and where they draw their inspiration from. I’m starting the series, called “Life Behind the Squares” by interviewing my wonderful real life friend Lulu who has been on Instagram on and off for many years.

An Autumn Wreath Gathering

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to teach my style of wreath making to a wonderful bunch of women (and even one man!). I took over the atmospheric workspace at Wattle and Daub, fittingly on the Autumn equinox. And filled the space with endless amounts of foliage and flowers foraged and dried by myself.

DIY Mid Summer Flower Crown

I have a confession, if I could I would probably wear flower crowns every day, I love them! Clearly that won’t work in an office environment so I have to save them for special occasions or just when I’m pottering around the house, much to the amusement of my boys or any neighbour that peeks through the window.

Given we are on the cusp of mid-summer I wanted to share with you my method for making a very simple flower crown, so we can all adorn our heads with these beauties come Saturday.

Botanical Tales Turns One

Well, what a whirlwind the last year has been! I’ve changed and grown in ways I didn’t even know I could or that I needed too. And it’s all thanks to Botanical Tales who turned one today.

In celebration of the special day and also to capture my learnings on virtual paper, I thought I would share with you a little of my journey. Maybe it will inspire or serve as a reassurance that you are heading in the right direction with your chosen path, or maybe it’ll simply pass 5 minutes with a cup of tea and a biscuit preferably a chocolate one please. Either way, here goes!

Lessons from plot 12A: part 1

We’ve had our allotment for nearly 10 years now and I’ve learnt so much in the time we’ve had it. Having just kicked off our best year yet, (I say this every year by the way) I thought I would share my thoughts and learnings here for those seasoned allotmenters and ones starting out.