Create a Seasonal Floral Mobile

If you have reached this page because you follow me on Instagram then you'll probably know that I have a bit of a thing for hanging flowers through out my house. Pretty much every room has some sort of living "being"  hanging in it, be it air plants, house plants, dried flower wreaths or hanging vases. To give you an indication, my husbands reaction when he saw this was to exclaim "another flowery wall hanging?!" before walking off shaking his head. 

Forget-me-nots in vases

To me, they bring nature in to the home which means that even on the gloomiest days or those days when I'm working from home, I only need to look up to see flowers of some description.

You will need to gather:

  • 1 stick (choose wisely, it should be relatively straight and sturdy enough to hold some weight - measure if needs be to ensure it fits the space you wish to hang it)
  • 1, 3 or 5 (must be an odd number) of small vases/vessels with lips around the top edge
  • string
  • pretty ribbon (mine is from As Petals Fall)
  • scissors
  • florist wire
  • flowers of your choice and to fit your vases
What you will need

How to:

1. Cut a measure of florist wire that allows you to wrap it around the vases, to sit snuggly just under the lip. For each vase wrap the wire around the top and on each side loop a small hoop at equal distances from which the string will be hung

2. Cut a length of string for each vase, these can be different or the same, however you want the hanging to look. Tie the string in a knot, through both of the loops to make a handle.

String Handles

3. Laying the vases on their side on a table pass your stick through each string loop.

4. Take your ribbon and tie each end of it in a knot around the stick, the vases should be sitting within the ribbon so they can't fall off.

Tie the ribbon at both ends

5. Hang your floral mobile in your chosen spot (this is when Ed starts hyperventilating as I bang more holes in the walls!) and make sure it sits evenly against the wall.

6. Grab your flowers and have a play around, positioning them where they look prettiest. Finally carefully fill the vases with water - its best to leave this to last to avoid water dripping on the walls or accidentally spilling some.

7. Now stand back and admire your beauty! You did it, how easy was that?

I'd love to see what you create, show me by tagging #botanicaltales on Instagram 

In situ