Life Behind the Squares: Lulu from Acupfullofdreams

Have you ever spent time wondering what peoples lives are actually like? Not the version that is presented on Instagram or other social media channels? Well, I do! I spend a lot of time thinking or more like dreaming about it and I bet your vision of my house and life is far from the reality. But that’s part of the charm of this digital world in our pocket right?

Lulu with her cherub Immy, wearing flowers crowns from Botanical Tales

Lulu with her cherub Immy, wearing flowers crowns from Botanical Tales

I’ve decided to run a series of interviews with people I admire on Instagram. I will be inviting them to share a little about their motivations, the reality behind their images and where they draw their inspiration from. I’m starting the series, called “Life Behind the Squares” by interviewing my wonderful real life friend Lulu who has been on Instagram on and off for many years. We met through a mutual friend when she photographed my first baby bump, we laugh now when we look back on that shoot as the style is so far from where we both are now. But it doesn’t matter because it bought us together and connected our journeys.

Immy featuring a flower crown by Botanical Tales

Immy featuring a flower crown by Botanical Tales

All the photos here are Lulu’s own, featuring flower crowns made by me, that she shipped all the way to the Highlands of Scotland to photograph in the atmospheric scenery.

Can you describe your style to me?

My style is a bit of an eclectic mix of rustic, vintage, retro, floral. That's a bit of a mouthful isn't it? I like things to have a story, a bit of wear and tear to them. Anything too polished and new just puts me off. Lately I've noticed myself drawn to a lot of rustic wooden pieces. We have a new to us refectory dining table that is about my favourite piece in our house now.

Do you have a favourite flower and can you tell me why it's your favourite?

I love sooo many flowers from peonies to tulips, hydrangeas to dahlias and valerian to cow parsley. But the one I feel drawn to the most is by far the ranunculus rose. I had a wedding bouquet full of these that I absolutely adored. I love the tightness to the petals, the circular motions and the texture they bring to the eye. I'm not fussy on colour. 

How do you stay inspired in a world which is increasingly digital?

I feel it's important to try and not focus too much on what others are doing in the digital world. Absorb others inspiration and use them as a catalyst for your own creativity but don't try to compare yourself and emulate too much of what others do because it will never come across authentically enough and true to you. I know this is easier said than done and I have been guilty of this before but now that I just share what I love and what brings me joy I find my feed now feels a lot more authentic and real. Ok we all show a lot of the pretty sides to our lives but I feel confident that people know I speak the truth and I share a lot of my struggles too even with a pretty picture of some blooms. 

Ethereal Immy

Ethereal Immy

Your photos are wonderfully atmospheric, how has your photography style evolved over the years?

It's evolved with me and how I see the world. It started off very bright and maybe over saturated and gradually it has become more film like in texture and darker with pockets of light. I have embraced the dark, more rustic feel to my photography of which I not fearful of anymore. I used to think everything had to be bright and sharp to be considered 'good' but now I don't really worry too much about that. A bit of grain and blur can actually be rather lovely! 

Where do you see your photography taking you in the future?

I see my photography really becoming an extension of my life. I love photographing my children, my friends children, handmade things and objects that I like, that have some purpose in my life. That gives me pleasure too. I love capturing moments that mean something to me. I plan on creating a supper club within my soon to arrive shed 'The Clover Shed' which I shall be sprucing up into a botanical hideaway for creative gatherings and I see my photography having a huge part in that journey. 

I believe that having a champion in your life is so important, someone who has your back and pushes you to be your very best, encouraging all the way. Who has been your best champion?

My husband without a doubt has been my main champion. He is a wonderful soundboard for me. I often fly into the clouds with ideas and he always tethers me to a window. He still lets me fly but he gives me a good and realistic context into how I can make those dreams a reality. Also my close circle of friends who are like family to me and the lovely ladies I have connected with and formed a bond with over the years {some in real life too} on Instagram. They have always been so supportive and that really helps give me extra motivation to keep moving forwards. 

Lulu from acupfullofdreams and the Clover Shed

Lulu from acupfullofdreams and the Clover Shed

Thank you Lulu for sharing your thoughts and revealing a little of the behind the scenes in your world. If you don't already follow Lulu on Instagram, I highly recommend you head over to her account and have a peak, she has some super exciting projects she is working on and we will be running a couple of Christmas wreath workshops in her new hub The Clover Shed in December,

I'd love to hear what you think of the first in this series, leave me a comment below with any feedback. And if you have fallen in love with the beauty of flowers crowns, I have a tutorial here so you can attempt to make your own and am taking bespoke orders for dried flower crowns over in my shop.

Love x